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Slay as a brow boss by mastering the machine methods of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and styling

  • Nano-feathering (digital)
  • Ombrè 
  • Air-brushing & Pixelation
  • Precision Brow Styling

Become a specialist in cosmetic lip blush tattooing and dark lip neutralisation

  • Borderless Ombrè
  • Translucent Lip Stain 
  • Dark Lip Neutralisation
  • Precision Lip Contouring

Master our signature pain-free techniques to create natural-looking and subtle or designer eyeliners.

  • Baby-liners
  • Designer Eyeliner
  • Shadowing 
  • Smokey Lash

Become your own kinda boss! 

Like... The sassy, amazing, hard smart working, perfectionist type who's a little bit obsessive yet super chilled, professional, astute, and fun!

Jess Tovey

- Owner & Educator at HB Academy

I did my training with Talina in 2018. During the training, Talina was so patient with me and she was so knowledgeable and equipped me with all the knowledge that I needed to start my own business straight away once I completed her training. I absolutely have loved this journey and I absolutely love being able to create and restore my client's brows to give them all the confidence they deserve.

Andrea Brown

- Owner & Artist at Brownz Brow Bar

Best trainer in Sydney hands down. Highly recommend Talina for cosmetic tattoo training. I also had the pleasure of getting my brows tattooed by Talina and they are the best brows I’ve had in years. You’ve got a regular forever client in me. Cannot speak highly enough of Talina and her amazing team.

Jemma Wood

- Multi-Award Winning Artist & Owner at Evoque Brow Bar

I met Talina in 2017 when I was looking for a cosmetic tattoo artist to do my Brows, I enjoyed my experience so much I then went on to do my Eyeliner and Lips. I was so impressed by Talina I then went on to do my full fundamentals cosmetic tattoo training with her, she is an amazing teacher, she's so patient and is really thorough. She doesn't stop until you really grasp something. So if you are thinking about going down the Cosmetics pathway I couldn't recommend her enough.

Tawny Lou

- Owner & Cosmetic Artist at Lacuna Cosmetic Ink

Talina is a talented artist and an incredible trainer. She gave me the confidence and skills I needed to kickstart my career in cosmetic tattooing. You are paying for much more than the intensive training, Talina also provides ongoing support to her students, which is definitely not the case with every trainer. In an industry with so many variables and unique client cases, It’s a relief to know I can message Talina whenever I need her help or advice. Sam and Antonia are also awesome and talented women, the clinic has an overall great vibe and it’s a pleasure to spend time there.

Joanne Khoudaire

- Owner & Artist at JK Brows

I'm getting through the mastery online course and the content is absolutely amazing. I'm really loving all the extensive theory content to back up the practice knowledge we learned with you on the day. I'm feeling so confident! You're doing an awesome job -keep it up. x

Rachel Alexander

-Owner & Artist from Celtic Secrets Beauty

My experience with my rejuvenate in Sydney was absolutely amazing, during my training with the academy I felt that Talina was so insightful and very detailed with her techniques. Talina was always available for any questions that I had, and she is so experienced in her work. My rejuvenate has a great team and they are all super friendly, I highly recommend my rejuvenate for new cosmetic tattoo artists and to up skill your techniques.. So if you’re wanting to up skill or start cosmetic tattooing there’s no need to look any further my rejuvenate is hands down the best Academy for cosmetic tattooing..

Vivian Cavoush

- Owner & Educator at Cosmetic Ink Sydney

Talina offers a fantastic course. She was able to tailor her course to my specific experience. Her training is well structured with a perfect balance of theory and practical content. Talina made me feel at ease and her delivery is clear and engaging. She genuinely inspired me and made me feel really supported and encouraged. A brilliant cosmetic tattooist and trainer.

Jasmyne Perceval

- Principal Artist & Mentor at JS Artistry Tattoo

I recently attended one of Talina’s Masterclass sessions and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! She is so incredibly passionate and just radiants so much sunshine. She is very talented and knowledgeable and made me feel nothing but comfortable! There was no question unanswered. Talina is Impeccable in every way and I can’t wait to do further training with her. Thank you so much for everything!

Lorenna Hunt

- Owner & Artist at Haus of Brows

My training with Talina was fantastic! Talina goes above and beyond to ensure you are fully prepped to go out and start practicing. I did not know anything about the industry before my training and at the end I felt like a pro! The one-on-one training was perfect and focused solely on what areas I personally needed help on. Definitely the go to girl for anyone keen to join the industry xx

Martha Bedggood

-Owner & Artist at Martha B Brows and Makeup

I had the pleasure of enrolling in one of the Brow cosmetic tattoo courses in August 2019 and since then it has been non-stop support! During the course, Talina and her excellent team were incredibly generous with their thorough knowledge and their mentoring. There is a lot of information to process but Talina has a way of delivering it in a practical & easy to digest manner. After the course, continual support, information & opportunities to bring models in to practise on are offered. What I love about this course is that Talina and her team want you, as an artist to succeed. Constantly positive. Constantly boosting your confidence. Would I recommend this course? Absolutely!

Camila Alcántara

- Artist at Camila Alcântara Beauty

I did the Brow Focus Training with Talina and her amazing team. Talina is an amazing Brow Tattooing artist and exceptional trainer. She is patient and a problem-solving queen. I highly recommend her training for artists that want to deliver high-end cosmetic tattooing services.

Melissa Obrist

- Owner & Artist from Zella Beauty Port Macquarie

I did a cosmetic tattoo Masterclass with Talina and it changed my life. That might sound over the top but it's true. Before the Masterclass I was doing good PMU work but I was doubting myself. Now I feel so confident. It's that confidence that has changed my life.
I expected to learn a few tips and tricks. But the training (both online and in person) was a complete game changer. Also, Talina has continued to support me since the Masterclass. Being able to leverage off Talina's experience is invaluable.
Talina is professional, easy going and kind. I really wish I had trained with her sooner in my career.

1:1 Coaching with Educator, Talina Johnson

Receive an entire System that is dedicated to and OBSESSED with your success.

This mentoring program is for established Artist's elevating a current business, or, beginners setting up a new business.  Offer high-end Cosmetic treatment services and operate as a high-earning industry boss!

Membership means we're in this together

What's Involved?

With a fusion of online learning, 1:1 skills mastery, and unlimited connectivity with industry experts; you will be the source of in-demand techniques.

1:1 Coaching 
AUD 990

per month

  • 1:1 Zoom Sessions
  • Access to Select Courses
  • Future Aestheticà License
  • Certified Artist Logo 
  • Certified Artist Machine kit
  • Annual Event Pass
  • 100% Success Guarantee*

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