Get the answers you need to select an Academy that guarantees your success through its training!

  • Reveal and amplify any hidden Fine Print
  • Avoid getting Blindsided
  • Protect your Time and Money

Amplify any hidden Fine Print

✔️ Find out if there are hidden extras! For example, if you don’t finish your training with confidence, will they charge you more for additional support? 

✔️ Ask questions that unpack what you didn’t know that you need to know!

✔️ The answers will help you eliminate any possibility of finishing without the confidence you need to start offering cosmetic tattooing services.

avoid getting blindsided

✔️ It’s easy to get sucked into clever marketing that promises you’ll earn riches beyond your wildest dreams if you do a course. 

✔️ Cut through unrealistic promises and choose a trainer that promises to support your professional skills, growth, and development.  

✔️ Find out more about the Academy’s training delivery. If the 3-5 day face-to-face segment is all that is offered then you are at risk of being blindsided.

PROTECT YOUR time and money

✔️ If value for time and money is important to you, then you need to ask these questions to ensure you are getting maximum value for your investment.

✔️ Find out more about the value of the deliverables included with your training.

✔️ The promise of a ‘free kit’ can cost you more in the long run. If the machine requires custom needles that are only available for purchase from the supplier with an exorbitant price attached then you need to know more. 

These images are of our Academy team of educators, in photo order: Domi Oliwa, Talina Johnson, Tayla Dent