National Qualification in Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing (SHB50321)
National Qualification in Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing (SHB50321)

DO WHAT YOU LOVE, Love what you do!

Start or grow a Cosmetic Tattoo business or elevate your employability with skills that will set you up for guaranteed success and financial independence.

Set your own training strategy for course completion within 3, 6, or 12 months.

The extensive level of training included with this course is highly advantageous for any aspiring brow-preneur wanting to become a specialist cosmetic tattoo artist with the highest industry qualification.

Nationally Recognised Training

Delivered on behalf of ACTA, RTO 45265

Become a Qualified Artist of the Highest Recognition

A Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo is the total package!

You choose the 3 areas you would like to specialise in that align with your career goals.

Complete 6 other Units designed to provide skills in hygeinic safe practices, business management, client care, and sales and marketing.  

Delivered as a combination of blended online pre-learning from the comfort of your own space, with face-to-face training at our Sydney Academy. 

Unlike any other Academy in Australia, we provide you with a clinic space, including trainers to assist you in completing the required 9 additional models

Get started as soon as you are ready. We have a rolling calendar with face to face and online training held every week. 

The next step is to book your phone-call or zoom strategy session at the below link. Here we will create an actionable plan for becoming Diploma qualified and getting started with setting up (or growing) your own business concurrently while you train!

Course syllabus

  • 9 units of competency
  • Includes the 4 Core Units, an Infection Control Unit, and up to 3 Cosmetic Tattoo Treatment Electives. 
  • The remaining units (1-3) are to be made up of Business Electives.

Core Units (required)

  • SHBBCOS001 Provide cosmetic tattooing consultations
  • SHBBCOS002 Apply knowledge of colour theory and pigmentology to cosmetic tattooing
  • SHBBCOS003 Incorporate elements and principles of design to cosmetic tattooing
  • SHBBSSC004 Identify the function and structure of skin and hair for cosmetic tattooing
  • Infection Control Units: Select one of the two options
    • SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards, or
    • HLTINF005 Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments

Elective Cosmetic Tattoo Units (Select at least 1 & up to 3)

  • SHBBCOS004 Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows
  • SHBBCOS005 Provide cosmetic tattoo for lips
  • SHBBCOS006 Provide cosmetic tattoo for eyes
  • SHBBCOS007 Provide cosmetic tattoo for scalp micropigmentation
  • SHBBCOS008 Provide 3D nipple areola complex tattooing

Elective Business / Social Media Units (Select at least 1)

  • BSBESB401 Research and develop business plans
  • BSBESB404 Market new business ventures
  • BSBESB406 Establish operational strategies and procedures for new business ventures
  • BSBESB407 Manage finances for new business ventures
  • SIRXMKT002 Use social media to engage customers

How it works:

  1. Book your Brow Boss Strategy Session. Here we will:
  2. Enroll you in our face-to-face events and schedule your online pre-learning Zoom sessions. 
  3. Schedule your clinic days to work on additional models at our Academy.
  4. Complete the online theory and Core Units included with your course package. 

INVESTMENT: AUD 19,800 spread over installment periods nominated by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diploma FAQs

Can I see how some of your post-graduates are doing with their career in the field you trained them in? eg. success stories

In addition to over 100+ positive 5 star Google Reviews on our Services and Academy pages, we have many many many successful students happy to provide feedback if you DM them. Here is a video from one student who is now a big deal in our industry, and below listed are just a few of our students that quickly come to mind now. Please find and follow their amazing work on Instagram.
✔️ Jen Kinnane: Jeneration Ink (Artist /entrepreneur)
✔️ Eva Mercedes: Eva Mercedes studio (Artist /entrepreneur)
✔️ Jess Tovey: House of Brows (Artist /entrepreneur & Academy Founder)
✔️ Evoque Brow Bar: Jemma Wood (multi-award winner)
✔️ Vivian Tobias: Cosmetic Ink Shop (Artist /entrepreneur /supplier)
✔️ Martha B: Marha B Brows Makeup Cosmetic Tattoo (Artist)
✔️ Tawny Rees: Lacuna Cosmetic Ink (Artist / entrepreneur)
The part enclosed in brackets is what happened AFTER their training...

What if I am not confident to tattoo clients on my own after training?

We invite you to continue training for free, with 3 great options, all bases are covered!

Option 1:

Continue working on models at our studio, with trainers available to assist if/when needed.

Option 2:

You have an unlimited invitation re-sit any event of the same service category.

There is so much new information to take in during your complete beginner fundamentals course, so re-sitting a day or two of the same event a month later, can really help to polish up some of the more advanced skills you'll be learning in your beginner class!

We have even had cases where a beginner student has had a baby then returned a year later to refresh skills and dive back into the industry.

Your successful completion is our highest priority! The only condition to redeem this guarantee is that you must follow the simple guided instructions and practice as directed.

Option 3:

If travel is an issue and you're unable to return to our studio to work on more models, we have options to set up Zoom training; re-sit events (for free) by Zoom, or book a 1:1 Zoom Masterclasses (also free).

No other Academy offers these unlimited support opportunities! 

Are there any free kit inclusions?

With our beginner courses, you will receive a free machine kit and power supply with universal needles. You'll be provided an inventory listing all other equipment you need with recommended suppliers.

What makes you different to any other Academy?

  1. Our "Guarantee for Success"
  2. Unlimited invitation to re-sit any future events of the same category, for free (see above FAQ)
  3. You may re-attend in person or by Zoom - we have all bases covered in case travel is an issue
  4. Return to our studio after completion of training, and work on more models while you gain confidence working on your own
  5. We have an entire team of trainers dedicated to your success

Is all equipment provided for me when I work on all of my models ?

Yes, everything is included.

What resources are provided to support my training?

Online, visual videos, printable PDFs, and step-by-step demonstrations on techniques to practice.

Are there any fees to continue my training if my assessments are not completed on time?

No, your time with us is unlimited. There are no hidden fees and if you're not confident after training there are no further fees to resit the course.

Terms and conditions apply

I have no beauty experience, is this for me?

If you are motivated and passionate then yes.

I (Talina) came from a non-beauty background with no experience whatsoever and I had terrible initial training (that won’t be an issue for you). I had to work twice as hard to overcome the challenges but that is exactly what made me successful today.

Coming from a non-beauty background means you will be starting ‘cold’ without an existing client base. We can advise you on how to attract clients and start a business from scratch – but you need to be prepared there is a lot of work to do – fun work, but lots of it!

If you need help getting your business off the ground then we highly recommend booking a free strategy session with Jade Start Business coaching

Prior Learning

No prior learning required, all of the pre-requisites are included with the package - that is the beauty of completing a Diploma.

Aside from epic training, what extras are included with this course?

Free Machine Starter Kit: Exclusive “Certified Artist” 3.6 stroke Machine, Power supply, and Universal needle cartridges (Kwadron).

Certified Artist License and Branding kit

Online resources
unlimited access to all of the tutorials you'll ever need.

Client care Forms
, Aftercare templates, and the Content for a paperless automated booking system (we recommend Timely Software)

Our Guarantee for Success & unlimited support (Terms & Conditions apply)

Free Room Hire to return as a Guest Artist after training! We encourage you to return and use our clinic rooms with models, to build your confidence and portfolio

Is this course suitable for complete beginners?

This is the perfect option for you if you have no other experience or qualifications..

The Diploma of Cosmetic Tattoo is a package of courses designed to ensure your competence and confidence in offering cosmetic tattoo services and also includes the fundamentals of starting and growing a business.

Already have a business?

If cosmetic tattoo artistry is new to you, but you already have an establised business then you may be better off considering the Individual Units rather than the complete Diplmoa Pacakge.

Please see Accredited Courses and Beginner Courses in the specialised areas of your interest (eg Eyebrows, Areola, Scalp, or Lips) from our Homepage.

I already have a business, is this suitable for me?

If cosmetic tattoo artistry is new to you, but you already have an established business then you may be better off considering the Individual Units rather than the complete Diplmoa Pacakge.

Please see Accredited Courses and Beginner Courses in the specialised areas of your interest (eg Eyebrows, Areola, Scalp, or Lips) from our Homepage.

Or Book a Chat and one of our trainers will happily offer you a recommendation based on your own career goals.

How do I arrange a Payment plan?

You have two great options:

1. Apply through our lending partners at EduPay, It’s a quick, easy process

All you need to do to apply is hit the link here, and await processing. Once approved the finance will be sent directly to your account for you to pay for your course.

2. We can arrange a pre-payment plan directly through us. No applications, no interest, or set-up fees are requested, and you get to nominate your own installment plan.

The only condition is the balance needs to be settled prior to your first day of attendance.

Get in touch to let us know your preference and we’ll make it happen.

Contact: via the contact form or email: info@myrejuvenate.com.au or call 1300 729 241

Do I have to wait for a new Term to start or can I start whenever I am ready?

We have a rolling calendar of events and the courses in each service field are delivered regularly.

You can slot into any event within your electives package, at your own convenience! You don't have to wait for a new Term to start, you can start whenever you are ready.

The minimum notice we require to attend an event is 2 weeks, however, you can start the pre-learning tutorials as soon as you are ready and your enrolment is confirmed.

What level of Certification will I receive?

Accredited Diploma Qualification. All levels of Certification (including Certificate of Attendance) will enable you to start offering the services upon completion of your training

<< 1 >>

Non-Accredited Courses

With non-accredited courses, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion, which will enable you to legally proceed with offering the services you are trained in. 

Always check your local council Fact Sheets to ensure your clinical space is compliant with skin penetration regulations.

Not just a course... a career development plan!

Hear it from our Students

jessie pastenjessie pasten
22:59 11 Aug 22
I can’t recommend talina enough. She was an absolute joy to train with and so helpful. She is a world of information and is the nicest person who just wants you to succeed. The ongoing support after training is amazing! I’ve trained with other trainers before and talina would have to be the most humble and helpful one. Very very happy 🥰
Rita FerrainaRita Ferraina
21:41 08 Aug 22
I had an incredible experience studying cosmetic tattoo with Talina. Not just in class but I have been getting constant support outside of the classroom ever since completion. Forever grateful 😇❤️
kristina pirrellokristina pirrello
10:26 07 Aug 22
My first time training for cosmetic tattooing was absolutely incredible, can not recommend it enough!! The detail for the training was above and beyond and not to mention all the lovely staff. Thank you so much for making my training so enjoyable!! I’ll be back for lips xx
Flourish Skin & BeautyFlourish Skin & Beauty
06:30 07 Aug 22
The team at Future Aesthetica Academy are AMAZING!Talina and the girls are extremely knowledgeable and know what they are doing.The constant support, even once finished the training, has been the best!!! Wouldn't have trained under anyone else.
Andrea BrownAndrea Brown
03:04 07 Aug 22
Hands down the best trainer in this industry. I have trained with many trainers in various cosmetic tattooing services and Talina was by far the best. She is thorough and doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Even years later I know I can still ask her for help and she’ll always help and support me. You won’t regret training with Future Aesthetica.