Ultimate Eyebrow Online Cosmetic Tattoo Course
Ultimate Eyebrow Online Cosmetic Tattoo Course

Advanced Machine Applied techniques

Learn to design and create bespoke brows with the latest, in-demand techniques in the world of Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing.

See a preview of what is included in this course by watching the highlights video.

Comprehensive Online Course

About the course

Included is everything you need to know about Brow Mapping Mastery for the Obsessionalist, Nano Feathering, Custom colour blending, step-by-step practice guide, demos, and much more.

Perfect for busy professionals with limited time for upskilling.

You'll Learn:

Receive your Unlimited Access to: 

  • Brow Mapping Mastery for the Obsessionalist
  • Nano (Machine) Feathering
  • Ombrè Shading
  • Pixelation & Airbrushing
  • Combination methods
  • Custom Colour Blending & Pigment Perfection hacks
  • Colour Chemistry
  • Step-by-step practice guide
  • Visual tutorials: The Science of Skin Penetration 
  • Live Procedure  Demonstrations
  • Understanding Machines & equipment – how it all works
  • Top Secret Business Growth Hacks
  • Equipment list & suppliers
  • Client care: Implement automated and paperless systems and forms that do it all for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Online FAQs

Can I see how some of your post-graduates are doing with their career in the field you trained them in? eg. success stories

In addition to over 100+ positive 5 star Google Reviews on our Services and Academy pages, we have many many many successful students happy to provide feedback if you DM them. Here is a video from one student who is now a big deal in our industry, and below listed are just a few of our students that quickly come to mind now. Please find and follow their amazing work on Instagram.
✔️ Jen Kinnane: Jeneration Ink (Artist /entrepreneur)
✔️ Eva Mercedes: Eva Mercedes studio (Artist /entrepreneur)
✔️ Jess Tovey: House of Brows (Artist /entrepreneur & Academy Founder)
✔️ Evoque Brow Bar: Jemma Wood (multi-award winner)
✔️ Vivian Tobias: Cosmetic Ink Shop (Artist /entrepreneur /supplier)
✔️ Martha B: Marha B Brows Makeup Cosmetic Tattoo (Artist)
✔️ Tawny Rees: Lacuna Cosmetic Ink (Artist / entrepreneur)
The part enclosed in brackets is what happened AFTER their training...

If I complete my training and I need more help, what can I do?

We are here for you! Make sure you've joined our Facebook support forums linked in your online course. Also, you are invited to redeem a Free Zoom Masterclass, click the link here to book.

We have an entire team of Educators within our Facebook community, and we are dedicated to seeing you do great work! Be sure to use this resource.

Are there any free kit inclusions?

Free kits are only included with our Beginner Course packages, which include face-to-face training at our Sydney locations.

Everyone seems to offer free support after training, please define what 'unlimited support' refers to at FA

Message or call anytime (within reason), our private Facebook forum. We have an accessible team of trainers and artists always willing to help. A LOT of content is delivered during the training, so if you didn't absorb any key skills you can re-attend the same course again (unlimited times) as a guest artist, at no additional fees.

Is all equipment provided for me when I work on all of my models ?

Yes, everything is included.

What resources are provided to support my training?

Online, visual videos, printable PDFs, and step-by-step demonstrations on techniques to practice.

How long will I have access to the online course for?

Currently it's unlimited AND we keep updating our content, so if you log in again 6 months after your purchase, you'll be sure to find new content.

Prior learning & Accreditation?

Before operating as a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, it is recommended to complete a course in “Maintain Infection Prevention with Skin Penetration Treatments (Either: HLTINF005, or SHBBINF002)”.

Click here for more information about this online course

Certification / Accreditation:

Online courses receive a Certificate of Completion. If you would prefer one of our custom printed with a gold seal and metallic accents, you may purchase one upon completion of your course.

This level of certification enables you to perform treatments within your own professional space.

It’s essential to check with your insurance and/or local Council what the requirements are within your area. 


Requires face-to-face and online components. Please see "Accreditation" on our home page for more information about becoming Accredited.

I have no beauty experience, is this for me?

As long as you have completed a foundation of cosmetic tattoo course, and you are motivated and passionate - then yes.

I (Talina) came from a non-beauty background with no experience whatsoever and I had terrible initial training (that won’t be an issue for you). I had to work twice as hard to overcome the challenges but that is exactly what made me successful today.

Coming from a non-beauty background means you will be starting ‘cold’ without an existing client base. We can advise you on how to attract clients and start a business from scratch – but you need to be prepared there is a lot of work to do – fun work, but lots of it!

What’s included with a Beginner Course?

Free Machine Starter Kit: Exclusive “Certified Artist” 3.6 stroke Machine, Power supply, and Universal needle cartridges (Kwadron). Valued: AUD 590

Nano Strokes: Create feathery, fluffy, hair stroke brows with Nano-feathering. This method is a longer-lasting gentle alternative to Microblading

Powder and Ombre brows;
 Master our Signature fade

Airbrush effects:
 create pixel perfection to achieve your clients’ ultimate Brow Goals

Certified Artist
 License and Branding kit

Brow Mapping edit:
 using the string method, you’ll master creating the perfect shape!

Online Pre-learning
 unlimited access to our newest and most popular online course: “Ultimate Eyebrow Artistry”. Valued AUD 990

Client care Forms
, Aftercare templates, and the Content for a paperless automated booking system (we recommend Timely Software)

“Free Room Hire” to return as a Guest Artist after training! We encourage you to return and use our clinic rooms with models, to build your confidence and portfolio. * Terms & conditions apply for the Free Room Hire option and for continued free training.

Is this course suitable for complete beginners?

It's essential to have completed a foundation course with a face-to-face trainer who can coach and guide your depth and pressure. Once you have completed any foundations, an Online Course is an ideal way to upskill, improve, or learn new services.

To see our Beginner Courses, please visit the Homepage and find which Beginner course best suits your career goals.

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Accredited Units

For the highest recognition of your training, you may choose an Accredited course and receive a Certificate of Attainment. Not sure if an accredited course is for you? See our comparison chart between Accredited and Non-Accredited courses.

Not just a course...
a career development plan!

Hear it from our Students

jessie pastenjessie pasten
22:59 11 Aug 22
I can’t recommend talina enough. She was an absolute joy to train with and so helpful. She is a world of information and is the nicest person who just wants you to succeed. The ongoing support after training is amazing! I’ve trained with other trainers before and talina would have to be the most humble and helpful one. Very very happy 🥰
Rita FerrainaRita Ferraina
21:41 08 Aug 22
I had an incredible experience studying cosmetic tattoo with Talina. Not just in class but I have been getting constant support outside of the classroom ever since completion. Forever grateful 😇❤️
kristina pirrellokristina pirrello
10:26 07 Aug 22
My first time training for cosmetic tattooing was absolutely incredible, can not recommend it enough!! The detail for the training was above and beyond and not to mention all the lovely staff. Thank you so much for making my training so enjoyable!! I’ll be back for lips xx
Flourish Skin & BeautyFlourish Skin & Beauty
06:30 07 Aug 22
The team at Future Aesthetica Academy are AMAZING!Talina and the girls are extremely knowledgeable and know what they are doing.The constant support, even once finished the training, has been the best!!! Wouldn't have trained under anyone else.
Andrea BrownAndrea Brown
03:04 07 Aug 22
Hands down the best trainer in this industry. I have trained with many trainers in various cosmetic tattooing services and Talina was by far the best. She is thorough and doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Even years later I know I can still ask her for help and she’ll always help and support me. You won’t regret training with Future Aesthetica.