The Secrets to Dark Lip Neutralisation


  1. Fitzpatrick Skin Types
  2. Dark Lip Colours
  3. Colour Neutralisation
  4. Colour Value
  5. Case Study
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These images are the work of our Academy team of educators, Talina Johnson, Tayla Dent, and Domi Oliwa


✔️ Understand the science behind skin types and pigmentation in relation to colour neutralisation.

✔️ Fitzpatrick skin typing is an essential tool that will help you understand the nature of the canvas that you are working with.

✔️ Custom colour blending is not a one-size-fits-all formulation, it is an artistic science of complementary colours and underlying skin tones.

✔️ This simple guide reveals all. 

custom colour

✔️ Every day we see artists globally posting questions about pigment colour choices for dark lip neutralisation.

✔️ By knowing everything you need to know about pigmentology and colour theory, you will never have to rely on trial and error again! You can confidently custom colour blend to achieve your clients lip goals.

✔️ This Guide does not disclude or promote any pigment brands it educates about making educated colour choices.

make more money

✔️ As soon as you start to see reliable healed results you’ll notice that your happy clients will refer you to all their friends and family.

✔️ Client referrals are THE fastest way to grow a successful business with a loyal client base of repeat business.

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